Because of undeniable corruption within the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine which has knowingly blocked me from earning a living for more than 4 years now, even though my medical license is active and untouched, I now need to ask people for help with my legal fees and even living expenses.

For 4 years now I have been seeing and helping my patients for free. Living without any income has been an interesting experience but without a trust fund to back one up it cannot continue for ever.

The Massachusetts Board of course knows this and has been waiting me out all this time.

The Board has been allowed to do so by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, both Coakley and Healey, the Governor's Office and Judge Botsford at the Supreme Judicial Court, who all personally know all the facts of this corrupt travesty. There is no possibility whatsoever for plausible deniability here.

I would be ever grateful if you could donate to help support an honest doctor who actually cares about the people of Massachusetts. Please give any amount you can.

I thank you and shall always remember it.

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