My name is Bharani and I spent the first 10 years of my life in India. My family then moved to Kuwait where I completed high school and moved to Budapest to study medicine at Semmelweis. Back then my annual tuition fee was $4200 a year. I graduated summa cum laude in 1995 having completed an MD and a PhD. I went back to pick up the PhD in 1997 after the papers were published. My PhD was in multiple sclerosis (MS). In 1996 I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to begin my internship at the Boston VA Medical Center and then completed residency training in Neurology at the Tufts Neurology Program (Tufts-New England Medical Center, St Elizabeth's and the Lahey) in 2000. I had previously met Dr Howard Weiner in Budapest in 1994 at an international conference on MS and began my three-year post-doctoral fellowship in neuroimmunology in his lab at Harvard's Brigham & Women's Hospital in 2000. In 2003 I then began a one-year all-clinical fellowship in MS at UMass Memorial Medical Center where I saw only MS patients 5 days a week.

In 2004 I was hired by Angels neurological Centers to establish an MS Service in southern Massachusetts where there were lots of patients but no fellowship-trained MS specialists. Between Taunton and Abington I cared for 750 MS patients by myself. No physician's assistant or nurse. In 2007 I was hired by Dr Tom Glick to be the MS specialist at Cambridge Health Alliance and to begin neurology service in-house at the Whidden Hospital. 250 of my MS patients chose to follow me to the Whidden to continue their care. I transferred the rest to Dr Salvatore Napoli to help him set up his new MS center in Foxboro. Since I was thrown out of Cambridge Health Alliance I have become a solo doctor who does mainly house calls on the few patients who continue to choose to get their care from me.

Neurology has been my main interest and passion since I was 13 years old. That is when I knew I was going to become a neurologist. I also have been a photographer from age 5. My photo-book, the biggest street photography book from Boston presently, is now on Amazon. Boston Book of Street Photography

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