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This is an effort to bring sunlight onto the workings of a progressive public hospital system in Massachusetts as well as the Government Board of Registration in Medicine. I used to work at Cambridge till the 11th of November 2010. I am one of less than 50 people on Earth with a PhD in multiple sclerosis and two fellowships in multiple sclerosis. Immediately after joining the hospital in 2007 it was readily apparent that patients were being neglected and the reports issued by the Radiology Department for Brain MRI scans were not reliable. I was able to prove that reports were issued for Brain scans that had not even been seen by the Radiologist.

The progressive leadership of the hospital system refused to improve matters and violated numerous State and Federal laws in order to defend and protect the Radiology Department as the scans bring in a lot of money. I was accused of selling prescriptions to known drug addicts and for not knowing what a good Brain scan report looks like or how to diagnose MS.

I was tried within the hospital system in front of a Fair Hearing Panel, which ruled in February 2011, that there was no credible evidence to terminate me, and i was fully exonerated of all charges! Cambridge Hospital’s Board of Trustees has refused to act on that verdict even till today.

Cambridge Hospital then fabricated a Termination Letter in 2011 to hide the original termination of 2010 in order to create the fiction that the Fair Hearing never even occurred. Cambridge Hospital then turned around and reported to the Federal Government and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine that I had “Voluntarily Resigned in order to Avoid an Investigation,” which is conscious perjury.

It is now impossible to tell where Cambridge hospital ends and the Government Board begins. By law the Government Board is required to conduct it’s own independent impartial investigation on behalf of the taxpayers of Massachusetts. The Board refused to do so.

By law in Massachusetts every time a doctor’s business address changes the doctor is required to re-credential with insurance companies. If I attempt to re-credential while the Board docket from 2010 remains open, I will be denied by insurance companies and this denial shall become a fresh complaint and a new docket against me at the Board. Therefore I have not been able to get credentialed anywhere even with an active License.

The taxpayer-funded Government Board has been dragging the case out for 4 years expressly with the aim of forcing me to leave the practice of medicine. To crumble and crawl away leaving the corrupt and the evil to gloat. After all, how many doctors can stay and see their patients for free for years and years while awaiting justice? My case is egregious in that the Board has known from 2011 it has blocked me from earning a living.

I have been living without any income and seeing my patients for free for 4 years now. My beloved patients have been an enormous moral support throughout and have attended the various Hearings at the Board.

I have recently filed a massive lawsuit against all the people involved. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has actually claimed that government servants at the Board enjoy "absolute immunity" even when they have consciously violated the US Constitution and accepted bribes from Hospitals.

This website shall put up all the motions filed in Court by all sides as the process proceeds so you can follow along. You are welcome to read all the documents for yourself. Predictably the taxpayer-funded public Cambridge Hospital demanded that the Court impound all the documents so sunlight and the taxpayers’ eyes never fall upon them. Happily, the Court refused!

- - The image in the yellow banner was taken by my friend Janee who served informally as the hospital's photographer when I was awarded the Cambridge Health Alliance Quality Circle Award within 8 months of joining work there.

I remain one of only 2 doctors honoured by the nurses with this Award in 27 years. The Award may be seen in the photo section here, and also in the Downloads section, under Download 1:.

Cheers! Bharani

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